Aye H.R. 5303 Water Resources Development Act of 2016 09/28/16
No H.R. 5303 Water Resources Development Act of 2016 09/28/16
Yea S. 3283 A bill to designate the community-based outpatient clinic of... 09/28/16
Aye H.R. 954 To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to exempt from th... 09/27/16
Yea H.R. 5392 No Veterans Crisis Line Call Should Go Unanswered Act 09/26/16



Veteran Bonuses

Congressman Doug Lamborn issued the following statement on the California National Guard bonus scandal: “When brave men and women answer the call of service to our nation, they deserve the best possible treatment from the Pentagon. It is not right th... [...]

Lamborn Criticizes Planned Parenthood's 100 Years of Abuse

In response to media attention over Planned Parenthood’s 100th anniversary, Congressman Lamborn has released the following statement: “Today marks 100 years of suffering and abuse for would-be mothers and their children. Planned Parenthood has contin... [...]

Responding to the Preposterous UNESCO Vote

It's Time to Shut the Doors of UNESCO By Congressman Doug Lamborn The UNESCO resolution, submitted by Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, and Sudan, is an absolute outrage. As the condemnations are coming in, it should be noted that there ... [...]

Congressman Lamborn Stands With Israel

Congressman Lamborn Stands with Israel against UNESCO resolution seeking to deny Jewish and Christian ties to Jerusalem, the Temple Mount and other significant sites. Congressman Doug Lamborn, along with a bipartisan group of colleagues in both the H... [...]

Lamborn Supports Legislation to Keep the Internet Free and Secure

Congressman Lamborn has voiced his support for two pieces of legislation that will affect the future of the Internet. He supports H.R. 5418, the Protecting Internet Freedom Act, which accompanies Senator Cruz’s Senate bill. Congressman Lamborn also c... [...]


Doug Lamborn on Facebook

Today, I joined with other members of the National Guard and Reserve Component Caucus to demand that the Pentagon stop ALL efforts to recoup bonuses from service members. The letter states, in part: "Many of these men and women volunteered to serve as our country was surging forces overseas and did so with the promise that they and their families would receive additional financial compensation. Seeking recoupment of these funds that were erroneously received through no fault of the Service Members is not in line with our promise to take care of those who stand up to answer the call of our nation." Read the full text here:

Doug Lamborn on Facebook

I am pleased that the Pentagon is heeding my call and stopping this ludicrous disruption to the lives of those who have honorably served our nation.

Doug Lamborn on Facebook

When brave men and women answer the call of service to our nation, they deserve the best possible treatment from the Pentagon. It is not right that DoD bureaucrats are now trying to take back bonuses they paid out to National Guard soldiers over a decade ago. Also, it is ludicrous that nothing has been done to recover bonuses paid out to criminally incompetent VA bureaucrats, but the government sees fit to take back money from people who served and sacrificed on behalf of the country. The lives of soldiers should not be disrupted due to incompetent recordkeeping on the part of the Pentagon. As a senior member of the Armed Services and Veterans Affairs Committees, I will be focused on correcting this injustice when Congress returns to session in November.

Doug Lamborn on Facebook

We must repeal and replace this flawed law that is harming our nation.