Yea H.R. 766 Financial Institution Customer Protection Act of 2015 02/04/16
Nay H.R. 766 Financial Institution Customer Protection Act of 2015 02/04/16
Yea H.R. 1675 Encouraging Employee Ownership Act of 2015 02/03/16
No H.R. 1675 Encouraging Employee Ownership Act of 2015 02/03/16
Aye H.Res. 595 Providing for consideration of the bill (H.R. 1675) to direc... 02/03/16



Contacting VA Leadership

Following the release of a VA Inspector General report illustrating significant failures at the Colorado Springs VA Clinic, Congressman Doug Lamborn issued the following statement: "This afternoon I talked to VA Deputy Secretary Gibson to discuss the... [...]

The VA Fails Our Veterans Again

Today, the VA Inspector General released a report illustrating that 64% of the cases they review at the Colorado Springs VA Clinic are experiencing wait times in excess of 30 days and that the VA staff are falsifying records to make this appear to no... [...]

Stopping Financial Harassment of Gun Businesses

Congressman Doug Lamborn issued the following statement after passage of H.R. 766, the Financial Institution Customer Protection Act: "Today, the House took another important step towards rolling back the Obama Administration's abuses of power. When ... [...]

Voting to Override Obamacare Veto

Today, Congressman Doug Lamborn voted to override President Obama's veto of H.R. 3762, the Restoring Americans' Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act. "With my vote today, I pushed back against the president's flawed view of our nation's healthcare s... [...]

Lamborn Statement on Veteran’s Affairs Accountability

Today Congressman Lamborn released the following statement regarding the discovery that the VA secretly paid an Illinois-based hospital director $86,000 to resign: “The fact that a member of the Senior Executive Service was paid to resign, instead of... [...]

Opposing the President’s Veto of WOTUS Overturn

"Despite support from a bipartisan majority in both chambers of Congress, the president has vetoed a Senate Resolution overturning the EPA's "waters of the United States rule." The WOTUS rule harms local communities, kills job growth, and strangles s... [...]


Doug Lamborn on Facebook

Thank you to everyone who turned out for this morning's Fifth Congressional District Service Academy Nomination Ceremony at the National Museum of World War II Aviation.

Doug Lamborn on Facebook

This afternoon I talked to VA Deputy Secretary Gibson to discuss the disturbing revelations brought to light by yesterday’s VA Inspector General Report. Additionally, I wrote Secretary McDonald today to start asking all of the important follow-up questions that must be asked to understand how deep and widespread this wrongdoing goes. I will not rest until I have personal assurance from the Secretary that he will answer my questions and hold these bad actors accountable. The broader implications of this report are gravely important, especially in light of how hard we have tried to reform the VA these past two years. It seems like a former VA employee had it right when he recently said, “The VA cannot be trusted to fix itself.” Our veterans deserve better. Dear Secretary McDonald, I am writing you regarding the recent revelation that the PFC Floyd K. Lindstrom Outpatient Clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado (CBOC) ignored its mandate and systematically delayed providing timely care to my district’s veterans, and then deliberately falsified appointment records to prevent these veterans from receiving care under the Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act of 2014. I am infuriated that your department continues to intentionally delay the medical care our nation’s veterans have earned, and that this transpired at a clinic within the district I represent. Did your department not learn from the Arizona scandal? Despite your repeated personal assurances to the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee that this culture is changing, your own Office of Inspector General (IG) has shown these assurances to be false. This report is particularly troubling in light of the CBOC’s failure to provide timely medical services to a constituent, Noah Harter, which resulted in his death. Noah served in the Marines and was diagnosed with PTS. In April 2015, he went to the Lindstrom Outpatient Clinic—where medical notes state he was a suicide risk—but was not referred for care. A month and half later, Noah was found dead from an apparent suicide. The IG’s report raises numerous questions regarding the nature and extent of falsified records that demand answers: 1. Why did personnel at the Floyd K. Lindstrom Outpatient Clinic deliberately falsify the appointment wait time records? 2. Are there any other instances of falsified records/wait times? a. How many of the 7,438 specialty consults referenced in the IG report exceeded 30 days? b. How many of the 2,246 primary care appointments referenced in the report exceeded 30 days? c. Since January 2015, how many of the CBOC’s total appointment requests exceeded 30 days? 3. How many personnel at the clinic were involved in the falsification of records? 4. From where or whom did the direction come to falsify these records? 5. How, and when, will the individuals who took these actions be held accountable? 6. Did any of the individuals who took these actions receive annual appraisal bonuses in 2015? If so, how many received them, and how much (both monetary and time off awards)? 7. If your department’s reform activities are as successful as you claim, why does a pervasive, systemic culture of delaying care for our veterans persist? In your response, I encourage you to refrain from blaming these problems on low staffing levels at the clinic. If the clinic did not have appropriate personnel or specialists to serve these veterans, your staff should have made immediate and full use of Veterans Choice Program funds to allow veterans access to timely care. I am shocked that your department has not learned from past experiences. Congress has passed the Choice Act as well as met each of the department’s budget requests. Despite this, nothing has changed. Rest assured, the Congress will investigate this latest incident, and we will uncover how deep and widespread this wrongdoing goes. I expect a response to this letter no later than February 19, 2016. Additionally, Congress has also sent a repeal of the Waters of the US rule to the President's desk. It is not the role of the Obama Administration to arbitrarily expand the regulatory mandate of the EPA. The House and Senate have worked together to place legislation on President Obama's desk preventing the EPA from using the Clean Water Act to assert rule-making authority over virtually any body of water in the United States. This is a dangerous overreach that will have numerous adverse economic impacts if allowed to proceed.