Yea S. 114 Department of Veterans Affairs Bonus Transparency Act 07/28/17
Yea H.R. 3180 Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2018 07/28/17
Yea H.Res. 481 Providing for consideration of the bill (H.R. 3180) to autho... 07/28/17
Yea H.R. 3219 Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2018 07/27/17
No H.R. 3219 Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2018 07/27/17



Statement on the President's Charlottesville Remarks

"The KKK, Neo-Nazis, and White Supremacists and Nationalists are abhorrent. Statements that provide even indirect comfort to these merchants of evil are unacceptable and wrong." - Congressman Doug Lamborn (CO-05) [...]

How terrorists use foreign aid to fund terror

Originally published in the Washington Times on August 1, 2017. By Congressman Doug Lamborn and Elazar Stern, a retired major general of the Israel Defense Forces and a member of the Knesset On July 14, three Arab citizens of Israel entered Jerusalem... [...]

Internship Opportunities in Washington, DC

Congressman Lamborn's Washington, D.C. office is now accepting applications for the Congressional Internship Program, fall semester 2017. Fall interns can expect to start work in Washington by September 4th, and finish their internship by mid-Decembe... [...]

The Senate Fails to Repeal Obamacare

Congressman Lamborn issued the following statement following the Senate's failure to pass the Health Care Freedom Act. “I am disappointed that the Senate failed in its efforts to repeal portions of Obamacare. While the legislation was incomplete, it ... [...]


Doug Lamborn on Facebook

Please visit this link for resources on today's eclipse.

Doug Lamborn on Facebook

This week, the Department of State rolled out the 2016 International Religious Freedom Annual Report, documenting the status of religious freedom around the world, and violations of this freedom by various governments and groups. I am pleased that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson condemned the deeply troubling ongoing genocide by ISIS against Christians, Yezidis, Shia Muslims and other minority faiths. I recently signed onto a bipartisan letter to Secretary Tillerson asking him to do so, and to oppose a reported effort within the Office of the Legal Adviser to undermine the determination of genocide. We must continue to stand strong in support of the ability of people of all faiths to be able to live and worship according to the tenets of their faith and conscience both at home and around the world.

Doug Lamborn on Facebook

This afternoon, I am meeting with leaders from the Colorado Springs Hispanic Pastors Coalition. I deeply appreciate the opportunities I have to meet with these outstanding community leaders! The good work that they are doing in Colorado Springs helps make us a better place each and every day!!

Doug Lamborn on Facebook

"There's no place for hate in our country, and there's no place for white supremacist groups or the Ku Klux Klan or the Aryan Brotherhood or anyone in that category," he said. "When you look at the Constitution, which talks about everyone having equal rights, when you look at the Bible, which I do in my faith, it says every person is made in the image of God."



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