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Economic Im​pact Payments: What You Need to Know 

Economic Impant Payments: Check on Your Status 

COVID-19 Related Tax Credits for Required Paid Leave Provided by Small and Midsize Businesses 

Employee Retention Credit Under CARES Act 


Press Releases from the Department of the Treasury and Internal Revenue Service 

3/11/20 IRS: High-deductible health plans can cover coronavirus costs 
3/20/20 Treasury, IRS and Labor announce plan to implement Coronavirus-related paid leave for workers and tax credits for small and midsize businesses to swiftly recover the cost of providing Coronavirus-related leave 
3/21/20 Tax Day Now July 15: Treasury, IRS Extend Filing Deadline and Federal Tax Payments Regardless of Amount Owed
3/25/20 IRS unveils new People First Initiative; COVID-19 effort temporarily adjusts, suspends key compliance program
3/30/20 Economic impact payments: What you need to know 
3/31/20 IRS: Employee Retention Credit available for many businesses financially impacted by COVID-19
4/02/20 IRS issues warning about Coronavirus-related scams; watch out for schemes tied to economic impact payments 
4/03/20 Follow IRS on social media, sign up for e-news subscriptions for urgent updates on COVID-19, scams and economic impact payment information
4/09/20 IRS extends more deadlines to cover individuals, trusts, estate corporations and others 
4/09/20 IRS provides guidance under the CARES Act to taxpayers with net operating losses
4/09/20 IRS urges taxpayers to use electronic options; outlines online assistance 
4/10/20 Treasury, IRS launch new tool to help non-filers register for for Economic Impact Payments 
4/15/20 Treasury, IRS unveil online application to help with Economic Impact Payments; Get My Payment allows people to provide direct deposit information and gives payment date
4/15/20 Supplemental Security Income recipients will receive automatic Economic Impact Payments; step follows work between Treasury, IRS, Social Security Administration|
4/17/20 Veterans Affairs recipients will receive automatic Economic Impact Payments; Step follows work between Treasury, IRS, VA
4/20/20 SSA, RRB recipients with eligible children need to avt by Wednesday to quickly add money to their automatic Economic Impact Payment; IRS asks for help in the "Plus $500 Push" 
4/21/20 Treasury, IRS announce cross-border tax guidance related to travel disruptions arising from the COVID-19 emergency
4/24/20 Treasury, IRS deliver 88 million Economic Impact Payments in first three weeks, release state-by-state Economic Impact Payment figures
4/24/20 VA, SSI recipients with eligible children need to act by May 5 to quickly add money to their automatic Economic Impact Payment; ‘Plus $500 Push’ continues|
4/26/20 IRS enhances Get My Payment online application to help taxpayers
4/28/20  Use IRS Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info Here tool to get Economic Impact Payment; many low-income, homeless qualify|
4/30/20 Economic Impact Payments continue to be sent, check for answers to common questions
5/01/20 VA, SSI recipients with eligible children need to act by Tuesday, May 5 to quickly add money to their automatic Economic Impact Payment; ‘Plus $500 Push’ continues
5/05/20 IRS retools Settlement Days program in response to COVID-19 pandemic; allows unrepresented taxpayers to settle their cases virtually and reach finality
5/07/20 Three new credits are available to many businesses hit by COVID-19 |
5/08/20 Act by Wednesday for chance to get quicker Economic Impact Payment; timeline for payments continues to accelerate
5/11/20 Why the Economic Impact Payment amount could be different than anticipated
5/15/20 IRS expands partner materials for Economic Impact Payments; continues sweeping effort to share details in multiple languages
5/18/20 IRS adds phone operators to answer Economic Impact Payment questions
5/22/20 Treasury, IRS release latest state-by-state Economic Impact Payment figures for May 22, 2020
5/27/20 Economic Impact Payments being sent by prepaid debit cards, arrive in plain envelope; answers frequently asked questions
6/03/20 159 million Economic Impact Payments processed; Low-income people and others who aren’t required to file tax returns can quickly register for payment with IRS Non-Filers tool
6/04/20 IRS provides answers about Coronavirus related tax relief for Qualified Opportunity Funds and investors|
6/08/20 IRS warns against COVID-19 fraud; other financial schemes
6/11/20 IRS provides guidance on employer leave-based donation programs that aid victims of the COVID-19 pandemic
6/12/20 Treasury, IRS provide tax relief to investors and businesses affected by COVID-19 in new markets tax credit transactions
6/16/20 IRS alert: Economic Impact Payments belong to recipient, not nursing homes or care facilities
6/17/20 IRS outlines changes to health care spending available under CARES Act
6/19/20 Relief for taxpayers affected by COVID-19 who take distributions or loans from retirement plans
6/23/20 IRS announces rollover relief for required minimum distributions from retirement accounts that were waived under the CARES Act
6/29/20 National Taxpayer Advocate Erin Collins delivers her first report to Congress; identifies COVID-19 challenges, CARES Act, and Taxpayer First Act implementation as priority issues for taxpayers
7/01/20 IRS provides tax relief for the low-income housing credit and bonds for qualified residential rental projects

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