Congressman Doug Lamborn at Blossom Festival: ‘People are happy to be out’

May 2, 2021
In The News

By: Carie Catnerbury 5/2/2021 | Canon City Daily Record

The 83rd annual Music & Blossom Festival didn’t include quite all of the activities that usually come with the event, but as things are just starting to open up again, people were happy to be out socializing in the open air.


Congressman Doug Lamborn also was glad to be back out and about again when he visited with community members and visitors during the Blossoms in the Park event Saturday at Veterans Park.


“I came down to see my constituents in Cañon City,” he said. “I enjoyed the parade, I am enjoying the Blossom Festival. I can tell people are happy to be out.”


He said being able to socialize again is something people have been waiting for, and it’s long overdue.


“People can take care of themselves, we don’t have to have government telling us how to live our lives every moment of the day,” he said. “People are smart enough and responsible enough to take care of themselves. We don’t need Big Brother doing it for us.”


Lamborn listened to the concerns of his constituents, which ranged from state and federal prisons to Washington’s “out-of-control” spending and Second Amendment rights.


“Joe Biden is proposing these trillion-dollar infrastructures and other packages — he also did this with the COVID package – but most of it doesn’t go where they said it was going to go,” he said. “With COVID, only 9% of the $1.9 trillion went to public health; with infrastructure – you’d think roads and bridges would be a big thing with that – only 6%. His other packages are just as bad.”


He called it a “bait and switch” which deceives the American people.


“We are trying to hold the line on spending and it’s so difficult,” he said.


Lamborn also addressed Second Amendment rights while talking to citizens.


“At the state level and the federal level, Democrats are trying to take away our Second Amendment rights,” he said. “They are proposing solutions that for the most part don’t even address the problems that we’ve seen, the tragedies that we’ve seen. Had they been in effect, they would have made no difference.”


One step toward a solution would be to enforce the laws that already are on the books, he said.


“That’s not really being done like it could be,” he said. “I will support the Second Amendment at every step. It is critical to our freedom as Americans.”