Washington Examiner: GOP leader amazed at 'condescension and arrogance' in NPR video, calls on Dems to support defunding

March 8, 2011
In The News

By Byron York

Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn is leading the GOP effort in the House to defund National Public Radio (and, in a separate bill, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting).  I spoke with him a short time ago about the sting video released by conservative activist James O'Keefe in which an NPR executive, thinking he was in a private conversation, spoke critically of the Tea Party, Republicans, conservatives in general, and also declared that, "It is clear that we would be better off in the long run without federal funding."

"I am amazed at the condescension and arrogance that we saw in the sting video," Lamborn told me.  "They seem to be viewing themselves as elites living in an ivory tower, and they are obviously out of touch with ordinary Americans."

The video has already become part of the debate currently raging on Capitol Hill about funding for NPR.  "The real crux of the video was when the guy NPR executive Ron Schiller admitted that they could survive and would even be better off without federal funding," says Lamborn.  "That's what I'm hoping happens."

Lamborn says he hopes the video will prompt Democrats in Congress to rethink their defense of taxpayer funding for NPR and of public broadcasting in general.  "I hope that some of the staunch supporters of NPR and CPB will reconsider their support in light of these appalling attitudes that are displayed in the video," Lamborn says.  "And I hope that once and for all we can put this issue to bed. I certainly have no desire to see them go away or to suffer.  I just think and believe and totally expect that they can survive in the private market, like everyone else in the media has to."

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