2017 NDAA Update

April 28, 2016
Press Release


After sixteen straight hours of in-depth work and negotiation, the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act was passed out of the House Armed Services Committee by a near-unanimous vote. 

Congressman Lamborn had numerous important amendments added to the bill including ones designed to secure NORTHCOM in its Colorado Springs location, increasing funding for anti-tunneling efforts designed to combat terrorism and drug trafficking, recognizing the local National Museum of World War II Aviation, augmenting our efforts to counteract Iranian military, cyber warfare, and terrorism undertakings, and addressing other critical needs in the Directed Energy, Missile Defense, Cyber Security, and Commercial Space realms.

"I take my responsibilities on the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) very seriously. Each year, those of us on the committee work hard to pass the best and most bipartisan legislation possible. This is so critical because without the annual NDAA, the military would not be able to operate. Because the NDAA must pass each year, I have the opportunity, as a senior and influential member of the HASC, to shape policy. The amendments I successfully fought against sought to tie military spending to the environmentalist agenda, social engineering efforts, and other special interests at the expense of our real national security needs. In contrast, the amendments I added will help address many important national security needs both here in Colorado and around the globe."

- Congressman Doug Lamborn (CO-05)