Border Crisis Trumps Partisan Politics

June 27, 2019
Press Release

Cassandra Sebastian ((719) 520-0055)

Washington D.C.  - Today the House of Representatives passed legislation that would address the serious humanitarian crisis at the southern border. Illegal migrants are crossing our border at record highs, and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as well as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have struggled to keep pace. This legislation will provide $4.6 billion in humanitarian aid for the border. This bill, unlike the Democrats' original legislation, does not undercut the ability of law enforcement or the Trump Administration to keep our nation safe. This money will be used to give humanitarian aid to the migrants crossing the border as well as funds for our National Guard, Customs and Border Patrol and ICE agents.

Timeline of events:

  • May 1st- The White house requested 4.5 billion dollars in humanitarian aid to help aid DHS and HHS
  • May 9th- Democrats rejected an amendment to provide 4.5 billion dollars in emergency resources for the border.
  • June 3rd- Congressman Mike Rogers introduces H.R. 3056 which would fulfill the request of 4.5 billion dollars for humanitarian aid
  • June 4th- House Democrats first voted to block the consideration of H.R. 3056
  • June 26th- House Democrats block this legislation for the 18th time
  • June 26th- House Democrats pass legislation which when introduced in the Senate was opposed by a bipartisan group of Senators
  • June 26th- Senate passes legislation with 84 Senators voting in favor
  • June 27th- Senate version brought to the U.S. House of Representatives and passed with bipartisan support.

Representative Doug Lamborn (CO-05) released the following statement:

"The bipartisan Senate bill, which House Republicans have always supported, has finally been brought to the House Floor. After many rounds of back and forth negotiation, in which House Democrats have dragged their feet, we have finally funded a response to this crisis. This money will help DHS and HHS handle the increasing number of illegal migrants pouring through our southern border. It is incredibly frustrating that my liberal colleagues in the house have dragged out a process for 58 days when it should have been solved much sooner.

However, this cannot be the end of the issue. We must continue to fight to fix immigration loopholes and build the wall on our southern border."