Congressman Lamborn Announces 2020 PILT Funding for 5th Congressional District

June 30, 2020
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Doug Lamborn announced that counties in Colorado’s Fifth Congressional District would receive a total of $4,940,841 million through the federal Payments in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) program for the fiscal year 2020. The PILT program is an essential resource for counties across the country to provide citizens with critical services. PILT provides funding to counties that contain federal land within their borders, offsetting the lost property tax revenue that comes from the non-taxable federal lands located within the counties.

Congressman Lamborn issued the follow statement:

"Counties in Colorado’s Fifth Congressional District contain vast expanses of public lands that are non-taxable. PILT grants help to bridge the fiscal challenges created by their inability to collect tax revenues from federal land. I am pleased to see this critical funding go back into communities in the Pikes Peak region to support essential services such as education, healthcare, infrastructure, and law enforcement."

The Department of Interior awarded the state of Colorado $41 million for the fiscal year 2020, funds sourced from profitable activities on public lands. A portion of these revenues is shared with the states and counties. The balance is then deposited in the U.S. Treasury, which in turn pays for various federal programs, including PILT.

PILT Grants Awarded to the 5th Congressional District:

-Chaffee County $1,372,649
-El Paso County $215,764
-Fremont County $1,199,929
-Park County $1,857,228
-Teller County $295,271

A county-by-county breakdown of PILT awards for Colorado can be found here

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