Congressman Lamborn Opposes Minibus

July 24, 2020
Press Release

Washington, D.C.- Today, the United States House of Representatives passed their first Appropriations Act funding the Department of State, Foreign Operations and other related programs. This minibus rolls back pro-life policies, limits domestic energy production, and provides billions in emergency spending.


Congressman Lamborn issued the following statement:


"This is simply no way to govern. The bills in today’s minibus spend billions of dollars beyond what the current budget agreement allows. Today’s legislation prohibits funds from being used for a border wall, overturns the Mexico City Policy which will allow foreign organizations to receive federal funds even if they perform abortions, restricts oil and gas production, and provides $500 million for international climate funds. This legislation has no serious chance of becoming law and is being used only to message to their socialist base. 


"Even more concerning is the fiscal insanity prevalent in the Democratic party in Washington. We have spent more than $6 trillion dollars in coronavirus aid, yet Democrats think we can continue to recklessly spend money. We cannot continue to saddle future generations with debt. We must find bipartisan consensus and work to cut wasteful spending. I voted no on today’s minibus."


Contact: Cassandra Sebastian (719) 520-0055