Congressman Lamborn Votes No on H.R. 9

May 2, 2019
Press Release

Washington D.C. – This week Democrats introduced H.R. 9 the "Climate Action Now Act." This bill prohibits the President from withdrawing from the Paris Accords, an agreement unilaterally approved by the Obama administration. The United States has reduced emissions by more than 18% between 2000-2014. Since 2005, without being under the agreement, carbon emissions in the U.S. declined by 758 metric tons, while countries such as China and India, are increasing their emissions every year. Reports have estimated that this could cost the United States $250 billion in lost GDP and over 2.7 million jobs by the year 2025.

Congressman Lamborn released the following statement regarding H.R. 9 The Climate Action Now Act:

"Climate change policies should not be far-reaching socialist schemes like the Green New Deal. America is already a leading reducer of greenhouse gasses without being in the Paris Climate Accords. I support pathways to renewable energy but do not support an action that will cause massive job loss and economic downfall. The Climate Action Now Act does not put America first, and this bill would do nothing but harm my constituents, which is why I voted no."