Congressman Lamborn's Statement on the 2019 State of the Union

February 5, 2019
Press Release

Washington D.C. - Congressman Doug Lamborn (CO-05) issued the following statement regarding President Trump's third State of the Union Address:

"In his third State of the Union Address, President Trump outlined an inspiring vision for our country - a vision around which every American can rally and work to achieve. I truly think everything he touched on in his Address can be accomplished with bipartisan support in Congress. I know that many people in my district back home in Colorado appreciated what they heard and want me to keep working with the president to get things done.

"I share one of President Trump's top priorities: strong border security. We must provide the means to make our southern border wall more effective and reduce illegal immigration. Keeping drugs and crime from other countries out of ours is a matter of national security and public welfare. At the top of the Trump Administration's agenda is a safer, better America through policies that rebuild our infrastructure, protect our interests at home and abroad, and boost the everyday American. 

"Under the leadership of President Trump, the American economy is booming. We've seen more jobs created and brought back more companies from overseas than ever before. Last Friday, the January jobs report confirmed what we already knew. The policies of the Trump administration, from historic tax reform and reduced red tape, are freeing entrepreneurs to do what they do best: innovate, compete, and create products and services for Americans and the world. They also create jobs. Employers have have created more jobs for one hundred straight months, breaking records and, more importantly, helping American families. This is no accident: The American people put President Trump in office to get our economy back on track. Under the Obama Administration, small businesses and middle-class families suffered. Under the Trump Administration, small businesses and middle-class families received tax cuts. We are rebuilding after years of neglect. America is on the way up.

"As we reflect on the first two years of the Trump presidency, I'm excited for everything we've accomplished and hopeful for what's to come. I will continue to fight for our country alongside President Trump."