Congressman Lamborn's Statement on U.S. Space Command

January 13, 2021
Press Release

Washington, D.C.- Today, the Department of the Air Force officially announced the decision to move U.S. Space Command from Colorado Springs, Colorado to Huntsville, Alabama.  U.S. Space Command was created in 1985 and remained in Colorado Springs until 2002, when it was deactivated.  It was reestablished in Colorado Springs in 2019 and has been located there ever since. 

In response to the announcement, Congressman Lamborn issued the following statement:

I am disappointed by the horrendous decision to rip U.S. Space Command out of its home in Colorado Springs and move it to a new location. There’s no way around it: relocating SPACECOM will materially damage our national security.  As we speak, our near-peer adversaries, Russia and China, are actively working to defeat our space capabilities.  Moving a critical institution like Space Command for political reasons unrelated to national security would be foolish at the best of times.  In the midst of the ongoing great power competition between the U.S. and our allies against the forces of tyranny and absolutism represented by the Chinese Communist Party and Vladimir Putin, arbitrarily shuffling SPACECOM around like a political trophy would prove disastrous.  This decision was not based on what is best for America’s national interests.  For the good our of nation, I will fight this proposed move.  I look forward to working with my colleagues in the House and Senate who I believe will be equally disturbed with this disruption to a critical national security mission.

Congressman Lamborn sent a letter to President-elect Biden urging him to reverse this detrimental decision.  You may find the letter below.

PDF icon2021.01.13 SPACECOM Letter to Biden.pdf

Contact: Cassandra Sebastian (719) 520-0055