Honoring Our Nation's Veterans

November 12, 2018
Press Release

Washington D.C. - In honor of Veterans Day, Congressman Doug Lamborn (CO-05) released the following statement:

"On Veterans Day, we as a nation set aside time to recognize our gratitude to the men and women who have served our county in uniform. I am tremendously grateful for our veterans. We know that America enjoys many unparalleled freedoms because of the noble service of our veterans. From the Greatest Generation who liberated Europe and the Pacific from the clutches of fascism and Nazism, to the Cold Warriors who fought the spread of communism in Asia and around the world, to those young Americans of our all-volunteer force fighting around the world today, those who have served our nation are the epitome of honor, strength, and valor. Service in the armed forces demands much of a person and their families, and when they finally take off the uniform and return to civilian life they enrich their communities with their experiences and virtues."
"It is an honor for me to serve those who have served our country. Thank you for all you've done-enjoy your special day!"