Lamborn Moves to Repeal "Johnson Amendment" Limits on Free Speech

September 27, 2016
Press Release

Congressman Doug Lamborn has introduced H.R. 6086, the Protect Religious Expression Against Censorship and Harassment (PREACH) Act. 

In 1954, then-Senator Lyndon B. Johnson introduced an amendment to the tax code in order to silence his political adversaries. This "Johnson Amendment" barred tax-exempt entities, including religious groups, from any involvement in political campaigns. Johnson's addition to the tax code passed by a voice vote without debate, and it has been used to limit the free-speech rights of our nation's clergy and religious institutions ever since. 

Congressman Lamborn's legislation will repeal the harmful provisions in the "Johnson Amendment" and will restore the basic right of free speech to churches, religious organizations, and non-profits of all faiths. 

"For far too long, the "Johnson Amendment" has restricted the free speech rights of religious entities without opposition. The IRS has abused these unconstitutional limits to scare religious organizations into silence on matters of public conscience and morality. 

My bill will restore the free-speech rights for all religious entities so that they, and not the IRS, get to determine the appropriate content of their sermons, teachings, and communications to their congregations and to the public without the threat of having their tax-exempt status taken away. It is time to restore full freedom to our nation's religious institutions." 

- Congressman Doug Lamborn, (CO-05)

Please click HERE to read the full text of the bill. 

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