Lamborn Receives “Taxpayers’ Friend Award” From National Taxpayers Union

October 27, 2016
Press Release

Congressman Doug Lamborn has been awarded the title of "Taxpayers' Friend" by the National Taxpayers Union (NTU). The award recognizes Congressman Lamborn's strong voting record in favor of lower taxes, limited government, and economic freedom.

Pete Sepp, President of NTU made the following comments about the award:

"Winning the Taxpayers' Friend Award is no easy feat. It takes a daily commitment to cast principled votes that put the Americans who pay government's bills first. Congressman Lamborn has proven that he has what it takes to help make Washington work for taxpayers again."

"Congressman Lamborn's consistent voting record demonstrated to his colleagues the way to lower deficits, relieve taxpayers' financial burdens, and a build stronger economy. If every Member of Congress had voted as conscientiously as Lamborn did last year, taxpayers could have looked forward to a much more prosperous future," Sepp concluded.

The NTU annual rating has been referred to as the gold standard for fiscal scorecards, since it encompasses all votes that affect taxpayers. In 2015, a total of 141 Senate and 267 House votes were included in NTU's scorecard. Only 14 Senate and 43 House Members won the award in 2016.

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