Lamborn Statement in Support of Earmark Ban

March 11, 2010
Press Release

Lamborn Statement in Support of Earmark Ban

Congressman Doug Lamborn issued the following statement after it was announced the entire House GOP Conference will not request earmarks this appropriations cycle.

 "The American people have long objected to the corruption in Washington, and Republicans are listening to their concerns.

"Taxpayers are demanding that we stop out-of-control spending. They are demanding leadership and accountability. And most of all, they want to fix what is broken in Washington.

"Because some Members have abused the earmark system in the past, the entire process has alienated taxpayers. Republicans are showing Americans that we have a strong commitment to fiscal sanity, and that we take the threat of unsustainable debt seriously. We must take this opportunity to make serious changes in how Congress operates in the future.

"Serious earmark and budget reform is possible, including transparency and accountability, and Republicans are the ones who are serious about true reform."-Congressman Doug Lamborn (CO-05)