Lamborn Supports Votes Against Job-Killing National Energy Tax

June 29, 2009
Press Release

Votes Against Job-Killing National Energy Tax

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Washington, Jun 26 -

Congressman Doug Lamborn (CO-05), made the following statement today after voting against the Democrat cap-and-tax plan, H.R. 2454, while supporting the Republican American Energy Act, an "all of the above" energy plan that will help our country achieve energy independence:

"It is clear we need a comprehensive energy plan, not a national energy tax.  That is why I support the Republican plan for a cleaner, cheaper, safer alternative called the American Energy Act.  This ‘all of the above’ energy policy would increase environmentally-safe energy production, including oil shale in Western Colorado; promote the use of alternative fuels that will reduce carbon emissions, such as nuclear, clean-coal, and renewable technologies; and encourage increased efficiencies and cutting edge technologies to maximize America’s energy potential. 

"Unfortunately Democrats rushed a "cap- and- trade" bill through the House that is essentially a national energy tax. In the President’s own words, under cap-and-tax legislation, utility rates would ‘necessarily skyrocket.’ A national energy tax will inflict widespread economic damage when we can least afford it.   

"In Colorado’s Fifth Congressional District, there would be an estimated 3,817 non-farms jobs lost in 2012 with an average non-farm job loss of 2,642 every single year from the years 2012 to 2035 because of the cap-and-tax bill. With unemployment at 7.6% in Colorado and the summer driving season upon us, higher energy prices and massive job losses are the last thing struggling families need. 

"To make matters worse, according to the U. S. Chamber of Commerce, buried within the 1,201 page bill are at least 397 new regulations and 1,060 new mandates adding multiple layers of federal bureaucracy. For example, this bill would establish a National Building Standard. This federal power grab is strongly opposed by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Moreover, this bill would provide more support for wildlife, tropical trees in foreign counties, and foreign aid than for the 2.5 million Americans who the National Black Chamber of Commerce estimates will lose their job as a direct result of this legislation. 

"The American people do not want a national energy tax. They want energy independence.  I will continue to fight for comprehensive energy solutions that create jobs and make energy more affordable, and continue to oppose any efforts to impose a national energy tax." 

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