Passage of USMCA

December 19, 2019
Press Release

Contact: Cassandra Sebastian (719) 520-0055

Washington D.C.  - Today, the United States House of Representatives voted to pass the United States- Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) negotiated by President Trump on October 1, 2018. Canada and Mexico are two of the biggest trading partners for the United States.  

Facts about USMCA:

  • Over $68 billion in new economic growth
  • 176,000 new jobs
  • Digital trade deal established
  • First update to North American trade in 25 years
  • Colorado exported $2.7 billion worth of products to Canada and Mexico in 2018

Congressman Lamborn issued the following statement upon voting for the USMCA:

"After months of stalling, Speaker Pelosi has finally brought the USMCA to the House Floor for a vote. I am glad that President Trump has negotiated a great new trade deal between the United States and our two biggest trading partners, Canada, and Mexico. Trade with Mexico and Canada is vital to our economy and my home state of Colorado. USMCA will drive higher wages, add thousands of new jobs, and bring over 68 billion in new economic growth for our economy. While not a perfect agreement, this crucial trade deal is vital to strengthening our relationship with our North American trade partners, while still holding Canada and Mexico accountable."