President Trump Brokers Historic Peace Deal

August 14, 2020
Press Release

Washington, D.C.- President Donald J. Trump has brokered a historic agreement to normalize relations between the United Arab Emirates and Israel. This is the third agreement between Israel and a major Arab country and the first with any Gulf Arab nation. This breakthrough is the most significant step toward peace in the Middle East in over 25 years. The deal will lead to breakthroughs in tourism, direct flights, security, technology, energy, healthcare, and other areas of mutual benefit.

Congressman Lamborn issued the following statement:

"This is truly the art of the deal. Before this breakthrough, only Egypt and Jordan have ever signed a peace agreement with Israel. This is a huge win for President Trump and a significant first step for peace in the Middle East. This historic deal, the first between Israel and a Gulf Arab country, will make these nations safer and more prosperous. While the Obama Administration capitulated to our adversaries in the region, President Trump has done what no other Administration has been able to do, begin the process of peace in the Middle East. I’m truly grateful for the leadership of President Trump, Prime Minister Netanyahu, and Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan on this important issue. I hope that this breakthrough will lead to additional Arab countries following suit."

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