Representatives Lamborn, Banks, and Herrell Condemn Leftwing Bias by Big Tech Censorship

February 23, 2021
Press Release

Washington, D.C.- This week, Representatives Lamborn, Banks, and Herrell filed a resolution condemning the leftwing biases and partisan censorship by big tech companies. The resolution specifically focuses on the actions of Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Amazon. It highlights Twitter’s censorship of the New York Post, and the censuring of President Trump, Trump War Room, The Daily Citizen, Catholic World Report’s, Mike Lindell, and General Flynn. The resolution also highlights how Apple, Amazon, and Google removed social media application Parler from its services. The resolution condemns the censorship of conservative media accounts by big tech companies and demands an end to their discriminatory practices. 

 “The United States was founded upon the free exchange of ideas and American’s God-given rights to freedom of speech,” said Congressman Lamborn. “Facebook, Twitter, Google and Amazon have been allowed to suppress First Amendment rights of conservatives with little or no consequences. These big tech companies are setting a dangerous precedent by silencing individuals and organizations simply for holding viewpoints seen as disagreeable. Big Tech companies must end their unwarranted and blatant discrimination practices. I am pleased with the leadership of my colleagues Rep. Banks and Rep. Herrell on this important issue.”

Congressman Banks stated, “If political discourse is controlled by a small group of companies, and they use their power to favor one political party over another, can you still have a functioning democracy? I wish more of my colleagues were able to see Big Tech censorship for what it is--not a Republican or a Democrat issue—but one that strikes at the possibility of our Republic.”

 “I am troubled to see actions by big tech companies such as Facebook and Twitter who have been unfairly and arbitrarily censoring conservative voices,” said Congressman Herrell. “We live in an age where information is accessed easily at our fingertips through the internet, and it is imperative that these companies facilitate civil discourse and foster the free transmission of thoughts on digital platforms.”

Read the resolution here

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