April 1, 2009
Press Release



Congressman Doug Lamborn (CO-05) issued the following statement after the introduction of the Secret Ballot Protection Act. This bill, which has over 100 original cosponsors including Congressman Lamborn, guarantees the right to a secret ballot to workers deciding whether to unionize.


"The Secret Ballot Protection Act will ensure that all workers can make the unionization decision privately in the spirit of our democratic system.  The secret ballot must be guarded at all costs.


"We need to safeguard worker privacy to ensure that workers are not forced to make a decision that would open the door for coercive and intimidating tactics – from either union or employer-and this act will do just that.  Specifically, this bill would guarantee workers the right to a secret ballot election conducted by the National Labor Relations Board and prohibit unions from coercively subjecting employees to a card check.


"My fellow Republicans and I will continue to fight for the right to a secret ballot for all American workers.  Hardworking Americans deserve nothing less."-Congressman Doug Lamborn (CO-05)